Theory of Modernization By Daniel Lerner

Theory of Modernization By Daniel Lerner

Last updated: November 19, 2019


  • He studied the 6 Arab countries of Middle Eastern countries.
    • Arab
    • Iran
    • Jordan
    • LeBaron
    • Turkey
    • Syria
  • He did his studies in 1951 to 1952.
  • His study was funded by the United state department.
  • He did fieldwork for a study.
  • In this fieldwork, the interview schedule used by him contained 117 questions.
  • He collected information from 1600 respondents of all the countries.
  • During the cold war when America was busy spreading its influence on third world countries at that time America used Talcott parson, Edward shil, Lerner, Harold Lasswell, and other scholarships to study and develop a model of modernization and they presented the theory of modernization.
  • Daniel Lerner studied whether the people were listening to the voice of America broadcast or not.
  • If they used to do so what was their reaction towards the development program of America.
  • In the middle of 1950, He conceptualized/studies the impact of Western countries through mass media in the Middle East countries.
  • Because middle East countries were traditional and in these countries the political, social, economic organization of west has gone diffused to what extent in these countries was studied by him.
  • He concluded that to be modern from traditional the role of mass media is most important.
  • He Indirectly tried to verify the Western model of development.

His intention was only to justify the: –

    • Ideology of West
    • Western technology
    • Western education
    • Mechanization
    • Industrialization
  • For this USA provided him with financial assistance.
  • He concluded that only the modernization of the west can develop this region.
  • For these people of this region and the countries of these regions should imitate the west.
  • In this direction mass, media can play an important role as a mass media grows the literacy will grow and this literacy will further play an important role in print media.
  • As literacy grows, people would like or prefer to live in cities this will lead to urbanization.
  • This urbanization will further develop in industrialization.
  • This industrialization will further lead to urbanization.
  • The Western model of development is urbanization and industrialization and the credit to defuse it in these countries goes to West.
  • He wrote a book the passing of traditional society: Modernizing the Middle East in 1958.
  • In this writing, he propounded limited the concept of modernization and his concept of modernization is similar to the psychological theory of development because it is related to the brainwashing in a direction.
  • He justified the Western model of development to be true and he explained that and development ideology plays the most important role.
  • These ideas at present are there in the West.
  • If the middle East nation wants to become developed they should adopt the Western models.
  • Because his model is based on diffusion so we call this model as a diffusion model of development.
  • In third world countries all the scales of development technology of development have diffused from the west for example:-
    • PCI
    • Literacy
    • Production
    • Trade and commerce
    • Share market

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Theory of Modernization By Daniel Lerner Six Arab Countries of Middle east countries Arab Iran Jordan Lebaron Turkey Syria Fieldwork Use of Interview Schedule Method 117 Questions Mass Media Literacy Urbanization Industrialization