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Sunstone Eduversity | Provide Opportunities for Students to Pursue their dreams. “Pay After Placement & Money Back Guarantee”

About Sunstone Eduversity:

Founded in 2015, Sunstone Eduversity has a vision of creating industry-ready professionals with its unique pedagogy and technology-enabled education delivery. We partner with existing colleges who have a well-equipped infrastructure to run and manage our management program by leveraging the use of modern-day technology and thus ensuring that the students are provided with the highest level of education quality across all our campuses. All our students are imparted with the desired skills that are in sync with the corporate environment and are given practical training on various corporate domains that exist in an organization.

Our goal is to bring about a shift in the present higher education system by equipping the students with various skill sets so that they are readily absorbed by the recruiters. Till date, Sunstone Eduversity has a 100% placement record with over 200 different recruitment companies impaneled with us. Hence, we are delighted to share that we only work on a Pay after Placement model.

Pay After Placement

  • The student needs to pay INR 1,25,000/- as the total upfront fees.
  • Once they are placed, they need to pay 10 times their Monthly Gross Salary as the Tuition Fees.

Money Back Guarantee

  • The student needs to pay INR 3,15,000/- as the total fees.
  • If the student is not placed, the complete fees of INR 3,15,000 will be completely refundable.

Pay After Placement Fee Structure:

In the Pay After Placement plan, the student needs to pay INR 1,25,000 as the total upfront fees (registration+examination+student welfare). After that for the next two years, students do not have to pay any fees. Once they are placed, they need to pay 10 Times their Monthly Gross Salary as the Tuition Fees (Pre-Incentives) to Sunstone Eduversity after their placement. 

The cap for the overall fees is set at INR 6,00,000. In no condition will the overall fees be more than INR 6,00,000, even if the student secures a higher package. 

Monthly SalaryTuition Fees (10x of Salary)Registration + Other chargesTotal Fees
                                      30,000                    3,00,000 1,25,000                    4,25,000 
                                      40,000                    4,00,000 1,25,000                    5,25,000 
                                      50,000                    4,75,000 1,25,000                    6,00,000 
                                      60,000                    4,75,000 1,25,000                    6,00,000 
                                  1,00,000                   4,75,000 1,25,000                    6,00,000 

At Sunstone Eduversity, our aim is to attract talented students. For our meritorious students, there is a scholarship of INR 60,000 on the upfront fees. The students have to pay 65,000 as registration fees and they need to pay 10 times their Monthly Gross Salary as the Tuition Fees (Pre-Incentives) to Sunstone Eduversity after their placement.

Money Back Guarantee:

With this plan, the student has to pay a fixed amount to Sunstone Eduversity even if they are placed at a higher salary. This enables the student to not only get rid of the risk but also the uncertainty of the amount they need to pay to study at Sunstone Eduversity. The complete fees of INR 3,15,000 will be refundable if the student does not get placed.

Amount TypeAmount to be paidDeadline
Admission Fees + Tuition Fees Installment 11,05,0001st April 2020
Tuition Fees Installment 21,05,0001st Dec 2020
Tuition Fees Installment 31,05,0001st April 2021

Simple Steps:

  1. Enroll for the 2-year Program you like.
  2. Pay a Nominal Registration Fee
  3. Learn from the trained industry veterans
  4. Complete your 9 Month Paid Internship
  5. Get Placed by Us
  6. Pay the Course Fee

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