Role of MNREGA in Women Empowerment

Role of MNREGA in Women Empowerment


  • The literature review on women empowerment reflects the findings of various researchers and academicians on MGNREGA.
  • Through reputed, national and international journals, magazines, and annual reports are presented by the authors below for easy understanding.
  • The scheme has truly a positive impact on women’s empowerment.
  • In so far as it has addressed a number of practical gender needs.

Role of MNREGA in Rural Women Empowerment

  • The study is a trend of women taking membership in MGNREGS is definitely increasing after becoming a part of MGNREGS.
  • Women’s cultural activities have increased from 66 to 93% after participating in MGNREGS.
  • The majority of the women respondents 68.3% are using MGNREGA income to satisfy their family food consumption.
  • MGNREGA has become a powerful instrument for women empowerment in rural India through its effect on livelihood security and democratic governance and social protection.
  • Women participating in the scheme said they had become less dependent on their husbands for money and didn’t need to submit the entire amount they earned to their mothers-in-law.
  • The major goal of the scheme is to ensure enhanced empowerment of poor women.
  • The economic conditions of the women beneficiaries improved after joining MGNREGA which is a good sign of development. Women beneficiaries had also started repaying their debt.
  • The village women can be active participants in the process of planning and inclusion of the MNREGA framework.
  • This program enhances their standard of living of the vulnerable section of the society, particularly women who are social political and economic empowerment of women.
  • MGNREGS has certainly empowered workers economically and socially.
  • Women worker feels highly satisfied with MGNREGA the wages equal to both male and female.
  • The main aim of the scheme is economic independence among women.
  • Women workers are more self-confident about their roles as contributors to family expenses and taking part in the family decision and also spend some earning money on their own hands.
  • The Scheme act as an instrument of women’s empowerment deserves much more attention than it has received so far.
  • Women workers are the major participants of this scheme.
  • The major aim of this study is to identify the role and relevance of MGNREGA in rural women’s growth and development.


  • Women have registered their real contribution to the household’s income.
  • Women speaking in the gram sabha and also women having access to post offices and banks are new developments.
  • The role of women in MGNREGA is still in a distant dream in Kashmir women.
  • Women are seen to be contributing actively to the economy and their contribution to economic activity becomes more visible.
  • Wage equality for men and women helps to reduce gender differences to some extent. Women get additional respect from their society and family.
  • Women who are earning members of the family are the beneficiaries of the scheme including all rural people. These programs were introduced by the central and state government in India.
  • The women spent wages earned at MGNREGA works on regular food and buyer goods.

Role of MNREGA in Women Empowerment हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

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