Marx vs Weber on Capitalism | Detailed Comparison

Last updated: November 17, 2019

Marx vs Weber on Capitalism

Comparison between the views of Karl Marx and Max Weber on capitalism are as follows: –

  • Marx describes Capitalism as one of the historical stages through which society passes.
  • Weber says that studied society in terms of meaning attributed or given by individuals to the world around them.
  • Marx sees the emergence of Capitalism in terms of a shift in the mode of production.
  • To him, the economy or the material world is the infrastructure or base which molds due to subsystems like.
  • So a change in the system primarily a change in the economic system.
  • Weber analysis that it is more complex, he hoes not ignore economic factors in the emergence of rational capitalism.
  • But to him,  the problem of meaning motivation and would view of an individual is important.
  • Weber views values, beliefs sentiments help to guide action including economic activities in order to understand why and how rational Capitalism emerged.
  • He thinks that it is important to understand the value system that makes it possible.
  • Marks’ studies in terms of the historian’s stages in which society passes through capitalism emerge as a result of contradictions.
  • In earlier stages bringing about the new mode of production.
  • But into the account value system and belief to understand the emergence of capitalism.
  • To Marx, Capitalism is rooted in irrationality but To Weber’s, it is a reflection of rationality.
  • Marx emphasizes only the economic factors which lead to Capitalism. but
  • Weber besides economic factors also emphasizes social politics and cultural factors which leads to Capitalism.

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