Finland is officially the Republic of Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It shares land borders with Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north, Capital and largest city is Helsinki, spoken languages are Finnish (89%), Swedish (5.3%), and Sami, a language spoken by the Laplanders (Sami), the indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi.How to process Czech republic study visa and it requirementsHow to process new Zealand study visa and it requirements
U can move to Finland for free through the education pathway, most people will ask how is that possible for non eu citizen to move to Finland for free through education path way
In this blog post, in will be dropping the school one can apply for admission to for free, no tuition fee, no proof of fund etc
This schools are vocational schools in Finland ,there are two types of vocational schools in Finland ,but in this write up I will be talking about vocational school which foreigner can apply from outside Finland

Vamia vocational school


This is a vocation school one can apply to from outside Finland, it only have three courses and I will be giving requirement and the program available in vamia

Vocational upper secondary qualification in restaurant and catering services – Cook program provides you with the knowledge of both theory and practical in the food production tasks in the restaurant industry in planning, cooking , presenting restaurant dishes and in storing food ingredients. The course is carried out at modern well-equipped premises in Hansa campus with its own Restaurant Silveria open for public. On-the-job learning periods that are held in restaurants in Vaasa or elsewhere will make up an important part of the education. This qualification will also give you a basis for continuing studies, if one wish to achieve a further degree in the industry or continuing education in the future
Entry requirements for the vocational qualification cook
• Age: you are at least 18 years of age when applying
• Nationality: all nationalities can apply to vamia
• High school certificate or the general school-leaving certificate.
• One of the certificates of the international English tests. Applies for all applicants.
o TOEFL IBT version 60 points minimum
o IELTS academic or general training version 5 points minimum
o Duolingo English test 85 points minimum
• Enough of funds for living on the applicants account to be presented to the immigration office for the resident permit.
• Good physical condition to study and work in the restaurant- and catering industry.

The vocation school have two other courses that have the same entry requirement like the cook as mention above,if you like to apply to vamai vocational school in finland click  APPLY



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