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How To Create A Landing Page, Fast Without Technical Knowledge

Landing page is a focus page or a standalone web page for your product or service where you can actually drive targeted traffic to a page that is specific to that product you’re selling a service. As an affiliate marketer you have several products or even as an online marketer basically on internet right you have several products and services you are selling but you want to create a landing page because you want to market or set up a campaign for one particular product or a particular service that you want to set up a campaign for and this will basically help you when you are sending traffic over to that particular landing page.


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In our article today we would be using a system.io website to create a landing page for a product. Note: system.io is just a demonstration how you can open a landing page with just any other websites.

Step 1

First what you want to do is to sign up for system.io . Get started for free on system.io is a free landing page software that allows you to build landing pages, you also enjoy trainings online, courses and all that good marketing information without paying anything upfront. You can collect up to 2 000 emails without paying a dime, so once you sign up for that you want to

Go to ‘TAB’ where it says ‘FUNNELS’, when you click on that it’s going to bring you to a page as you can see and what you want to do is to click on ‘CREATE’.

Step 2

CREATE  a new funnel. So basically, A funnel is that journey that take your customersthrough from landing on or from seeing your product to actually purchasing from you so that is what a funnel means. So now you want to get started with a new funnel and when youclick on CREATE it’s going to give you four options.

Step 3

You would have four options to choose from. However, choose the option ‘CREATE AN AUDIENCE’. We want to build an email list, we want to collect email so for that  reason we’ll select build an audience and you would want to name your funnel something you can remember.

Of course when filling your details if  you are in the USA, you want to collect money( dollars ) ofcourse you want to select US dollars, you want to click on create so now it’s going to take you to a page where you see all the templates that you can choose from. System.io has several templates that you can choose from.

Step 4

After editing your template, you can collect their first name and email addresses and you can choose what happens using the templates.If you want to send them your form, you can, if you want to show a separate landing page, you can do so too. If you want to have them download a file you can do that. So what happens is when you click the template button you can select whatever happens to your user.

Let’s say you want them to download a file you can click on that and now it’s going to require you to upload the file and you can click on the upload button here. We can also create a thank you page so we can track anybody who lands on the page.

Step 5

Thenext step on the funnel  is the thank you page. Thank you page is just a page where you thank your customers for giving the email and you can also give them more information or you can send them to a different website from your landing page.

To create another landing page you want to do the same thing that we did for the squeeze page so you want to click on the EDIT button at the top right corner and it’s going to direct you to the template page that we selected and from there you can write whatever you want there. So here we can write ” Thank You Your Ideas Have Been Sent by Email”.

Step 6

Before you leave ” Thank You Your Ideas Have Been Sent by Email”. You want them to enter your free ebook so here you can invite them to join your private facebook group. You can invite them to do whatever it is you want to do if you have an affiliate link, you can embed that link in here but let’s say you want to have them join.

You can embed your facebook group. So if you have an existing facebook group, just go over to that page and copy your facebook group link and paste it right here and that way when people click on this link it’s going to take them to your facebook group and that’s one of the very important reasons why you have a thank you page. Not only can you give them more information because you can also have them to perform more actions, you can drive more actions with your landing page so now you have your squeeze page where you collect youremail and you have your landing page where you can you know drive more actions from the people who visit this page there’s so many things you can do here. This is just the basic things you want to do if you want to start collecting leads with your system.io account.


Landing pages are tailored to a particular campaign or offer and direct users toward a single call to action, as opposed to homepages and websites, which are made for exploration. Simply put, landing pages are created with conversion in mind. When someone fills out a lead form, they should be directed to a “thank you page” that acknowledges receipt of their data and outlines how they will receive the content they requested, such as a whitepaper via email or access information to a webinar.

Once you have a lead, you can use the “thank you page” to keep them in your ecosystem by introducing them to more popular content.

We have discussed so far how you can create a basic landing page without much technical knowledge, you are encouraged so far in this article to utilize what you haveearnt to p



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