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How To Build A Sales Funnel That Will Triple Your Profit

The sales funnel illustrates the steps buyers will take to buy your good or service. You may better comprehend your sales funnel’s operation and its weak points by analysing it. Additionally, it will assist you in locating the gaps in the various stages of your sales funnel (i.e., where prospects drop out and do not convert into customers).

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Knowing your sales funnel will enable you to control how prospects proceed through it and whether they make a purchase. As a result, you can invest in marketing initiatives that draw in more prospects, create more pertinent messaging at each stage of the sales funnel, and increase conversion rates. It will also give you insight into what customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the sales funnel.

In this article we would be looking and discussing how to build a sales funnel that will make your profit skyrocket.

  1. Attractive Lead Magnet

Lead magnet is what you use to attract people that the word implies you’re magnetizing people you’re giving them a bait, something that you give them valuable information that’s solving a problem for them in exchange for their email addresses so that you can follow up with them and you may not always see the lead magnet in your funnel. If you are using the slow funnel so remember that the slow funnel just sends people straight to your sales page

One of the good things about the slow funnel which doesn’t include the lead magnet is that you are getting people on your list that are only action takers so because the moment somebody pays for stuff you get their email addresses right and so your lists will be filled with people who have made a purchase from you and you can be assured that none of those people are free pc guys because they paid you for something and they get value from their offer.

  1. Getting Traffic

Whatever offer you’re using with your funnel whether you’re just building your list what is at the back of your mind is that this product you are offering is that you want people to pay you for it eventually and ┬áregardless if it is either you have a simple funnel or a complicated funnel You need to drive traffic to your funnel using eiher organic content or paid advertising which would be like ads. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Google ads, Pinterest and also LinkedIn.

  1. Automate Your Process

What you need now first is an offer or a product, like I said at the back of your mind so even if you’re starting right now just building your list at the end of the day you would need to be offering something to these people. Remember your funnel is all about converting your visitors to paying customers and of course you need a page builder.

Using the page builder there are many email software that helps you automate your email. There should be a payment processor which help you receive payment and this product delivery should be very cool with you.

  1. Pricing

Remember where I said you need to understand your offer first and thenyou know the kind of funnel that will be a property for that kind of offer then you now start to brainstorm the assets like what are the things I’m going to need I’m going to need a lead magnet then you start maybe building the lead magnets, then ‘ I’m going to need this and I’m goingto need that’ and so you need to bring everything you need, you write them out and then you now start writing the copy. For example, sales page or maybe if i’m using this slow funnel for now, I need the sales page and thank you page i need the checkout page

  1. Measuring The Success of Your Sales Funnel

As your firm expands, your sales funnel may require modifications and alterations. You can learn more about your clients and diversify your products and services with more information about your target market.

Tracking your conversion rates and your retention rate is an excellent approach to gauge the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

How many individuals subscribe to your email list after clicking on a social media ad, for instance?

Consider each stage of the sales funnel carefully:

Are you attracting enough customers’ attention with your educational content?

Do your potential customers believe in you enough to provide their contact information?

Have your email drip campaign and other marketing initiatives resulted in sales?

Do repeat consumers from the past?

Answering this questions would prove if you’re improving in your strategies or not.


In Summary all we have discussed in this article balls down to this few funnel steps:


The first stage, or the top portion, focuses on creating brand and product awareness. At this point, your goal is to persuade potential customers to learn more about your company and the advantages of your products. As a result, at this point you want to introduce your company and pay close attention to your brand story. Use videos, social media posts, brief blog articles, and other visually appealing information to accomplish this.


You already have someone’s attention at this point. Gaining their trust and explaining to them why they require your goods at this point is the ideal strategy.

For this stage, it is advised that you concentrate on producing valuable, trustworthy, and informative content. Downloads, case studies, and video tutorials are a few examples.


Focusing on giving your prospects a cause to subscribe to your service, buy your product, or take another action you want them to is what the bottom of the funnel is all about. Actionable emails, CTAs, and free trials are all possible marketing tactics at this level.


The buyer gets one step closer to completing a purchase at each level of the funnel. A carefully thought-out sales funnel will outline the steps your company must take to advance prospects to the following stage.The procedure prospects go through to become customers is known as a sales funnel. All in all, the success of a sales funnel all depends on you.



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