As  an applicant for the Irish visa ,your applicant can be granted or rejected for some reason, if rejected the Irish embassy will give reason  why the application was refuse and if u can appeal the refusal or not

If an applicant gives false information about him/her self for example, such refusal reason will be stated and can be appealed by the applicant. However if he applicant eligible to appeal the refusal, then they must do that with two month starting from the date they receive their application fit back

In the blog post I will be discussing the steps one must follow to have a successful appeal process as regards Irish visa refusal


WRITE A LETTER OF APPEAL-this letter must written not  later than two month from the date in the refusal letter, the content of an appeal letter must contain the reason why the applicant thinks refusal should be change ,while writing the appeal letter ,the applicant should include the following information

A-applicant transaction number

B-full name

C-postal address

D-email address


SUPPORTING DOCUMENT-After writing the appeal letter applicant must gather all necessary document that will aids or support the reason why the visa refusal must be change and applicant must put these in mind that only original document that should be submitted during appeal


PASSPORT SUBMISSION– The applicant can submit his passport if the letter of refusal states that he/she should submit it with other appeal document

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PACKAGE YOUR DOCUMENT-After gathering all appeal document, applicant will have to put them in a very strong envelop and submit at the address stated in refusal letter. however if the appeal is for more than one person or group of persons, the appeal document will be place in smaller envelope for each applicant with their names, transaction number on the outside of the envelop and submit it together in one big envelop

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