DHA of Sociology | SYM-603

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें DHA of Sociology | SYM-603

DHA of Sociology | SYM-603

DHA No. Questions Click Here to Read
1SyllabusClick Here
2Nature of Social Ecology Click Here
3Concept of Ecology Click Here
4Scope of Ecology Click Here
5Types and Features of Ecosystem Click Here
6Approaches of Ecosystem Click Here
7Concept of Biosphere and Sociosphere Click Here
8Concept of Food Chain and Foof Web Click Here
9Concept of Organizational Ecology Click Here
10Concept of Eco Capitalism Click Here
11 Concept of Eco Socialism Click Here
12History of Eco Socialism Click Here
13Concept of Cultural Interface Click Here
14Areas of Eco Capitalism Click Here
15Concept of Eco Feminism Click Here
16 Concept of Eco Philosophy In Details Click Here
17 Concept of Organicism In Details Click Here
18 Concept of Spiritual Ecology In Details Click Here
19 Concept of Early Sociological Theory In Details Click Here
20 Concept of Spirituality and Ethics In Details Click Here
21What is Spiritual Ecology? Discuss the categories of spiritual ecology in brief. Click Here
22In what way spirituality is related to the economy? Discuss. Click Here
23In what way ethics is helpful in maintaining ecological well-being? Click Here
24Write short notes on the following: 1. Bio-fuel Electricity
2. Bio-diesel
Click Here
Click Here
25 Write short notes on the following: 1. Ozone layer depletion
2. Greenhouse effect
Click Here
Click Here
26Discuss the alternatives sources of energy in brief. Click Here
27Explain the term Global Warming and its different aspects in brief. Click Here
28Define the concept of Sustainable development. Discuss the hazardous effects of exploitation of nature on human society. Click Here
29Describe the role of modern technology in development and its effect on human health.Click Here
30Define the term resource conservation. Discuss the various global efforts for resource conservation.Click Here
31what is the meaning of resource conservation? Describe the ecological significance and social significance of resource conservation.Click Here
32Define urbanization. Write on explanatory notes on slum and pollution-related problems caused due to urbanization.

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