DEI Sociology Syllabus 2020 6th Semesters Syllabus

DEI Sociology Syllabus

DEI Sociology Syllabus 2020 6th Semesters Syllabus Download Now

Syllabus for Sociology Honours (6th Semester)
SYM- 601 (Foundation Of Sociological Theory)
Unit-1The Emergence of Sociological Theory
-The Enlightenment
-French Revolution
-Political Economy of the Enlightenment
Unit-2Schools of Sociological Theory
-Functionalism School
-Conflict School
-Social Action School
-Radcliffe Brown
-Talcott Parsons
-R.K Merton
Unit-4Talcott Parsons
-Grand Theory
-Parson’s System Levels
-Theory of Alienation
-Pattern Variables
-The Functional System (AGIL)
Unit-5Robert King Merton
-Theories of Middle Range
-Theory of Deviances
SYM – 602 (Sociology of Development in India)
Unit-1Rural and Urban Development:
-Scope of Urban Development in India
Unit-2Policies of Development:
-Reservation Policies
-Education Policy
-Population Policy
Unit-3Development Planning Of weaker Section:
-Scheduled Caste
-Scheduled Tribes
-Other Backward Classes and Women
-Latest 5 years plans policy
-Constitutional & Legal Majors to Improve their Conditions
Unit-4Programs for Development:
Formal- Community Development
– Panchayati Raj
InFormal- Role of NGO’s in Development
– Slum Development
Unit-5Barriers to Planning and Development:
– Social Inequality
SYM – 603 (Modern Social Ecology)
Unit-1Concept of Social Ecology
-Environment and Society
-Their Interrelationship
-Community and Cultural Interface
Unit- 2Perspective on Environment
-Organizational Ecology and Evolution
-Eco Socialism
-Eco Capitalism
Unit- 3Sociological Evolution
-Social Organicism
-Early Sociological Evolutionism
Unit- 4Contemporary Environment Issues:
-Ecology and Spirituality
-Spirituality and Ethics
-Ways and Means of mitigating the pollution problems
-Methods of conserving Bio-fuel electricity: water, land for sustainable living
Unit- 5Environment and Development:
-Industrialization and Development
-Urbanization and Problems of Pollution and Slums
-Global Efforts for Resource Conservation
-Environmental Consciousness
-Social Ecology as Green Anarchisms
-Chipko Movement
SYM – 604 (Criminology and Penology)
Unit 1Criminology
-Relation of Criminology with Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology
Unit 2Theories of Criminal Behaviour
– Classical (Beckeria)
– Biological (Lombroso & Goring)
– Psychological (Godard)
– Sociological Differential Association Theory (Sutherland)
– Anomic Theory (Durkheim, Merton)
– Differential Opportunity Theory (Cleward)
Unit 3Crime and Criminal
-White-Collar Crime (Lambart, Bonger, Hays, Sutherland & IPC)
-Criminals: Types (Sutherland & Lombroso)
-Cyber Crime
Unit 4Juvenile Delinquency
-Factors and correctional measures
-Deviant Behaviour
Unit 5Punitive Measures
-Jail reforms

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