Concept of Patriarchy System and Society

 Concept of Patriarchy System and Society

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  • Patriarchy: Domination of men over women
  • Patriarchy is a pattern of society or a system of social administration in which the father or senior male enjoys being the head of the family.
  • The term “Patriarchy” is derived from a Greek word-  where “patriarch” which means “Rule of the Father”.
  • It is a term for societies in which male is the favored gender, and in which men hold power, dominion, and privilege.
  • It is a Social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, Moral authority, Social privilege and Control of poverty.


  • The word patriarchy refers to any form of social power disproportionately to men.
  • It literally means the rule of the male or father.
  • The structure of the patriarchy is always considered as the power status of male, authority, control of the male and operation, the domination of the men, suppression, humiliation, subordination, and subjugation of the women.
  • The term originated from a Greek word – patriarch. This term is a combination of two words: – pater + arche where pater means father and arche means the rule.

Characteristics of Patriarchal Society:

  • Men are the decision-makers:

In patriarchal societies, men are the decision-makers. Decision’s such as the marriage of children is decided by the man of the family alone. Marriages are fixed upon the property and economic conditions of both parties.

  • Women are believed to be weaker:

Patriarchal society believes that only men are capable of running political, social, moral and economic life.In a patriarchal society, women are believed to be weaker, both physically and mentally.

  • Male dominance:

Men are considered superior in a patriarchal society. They make all decisions in both societies and in their families.They hold all positions of power and authority.

  • The Inheritance is only meant for Males:

In the case of heritance, only the male children of the family receive their share of the family property, jewelry, finances or anything else.The inheritance is meant for males only.The daughters and women of the family are not entitled to any form of inheritance.

  • Obedience:

Women and children are not expected to go against anything, the patriarchy does or says.

Every wish and order of the husband or the man of the house is to have strictly adhered and obedience must be directed towards the man at all times.

  • Male centeredness:

The center of the activity and progression is on men and men will be the hero in all situations.

They will be the center of social engagement, fun, and entertainment.

  • Oppression of women:

The term “oppression” means to push down or restrict. In a patriarchal society, the oppression of women is emphasized.

They are not allowed to rise up to leadership levels or make decisions.

  • Obsession with control:

In a patriarchal society, Men have a desire to control all social and political situations and must make all decisions regarding finances and education. Men living in this type of society or system must be in control at all times.

  • Male identification:

It includes strength, force fullness, qualities of control, rationality, strong work, ethnic and competitiveness. Each of these qualities contributes to making identification in this type of society.

  • Legal provisions and laws are mostly in favor of men:

Because of these, women leave without rights and resources. For example: – In the case of marriage has to end, the custody of the children remains with the father, and the wife is neither entitled to custody.

  • No compromise from the side of Males:

There is no kind of compromise or adjustment from the side of males or husbands. The female has to adjust, without any complaint or objections from her side.

  • Positions of prestige are offered only to men:

Apart from the family, these positions exist in the social, political and economic systems of a country.

However, this scenario is slowly changing now.


According to Collins:

“He defines Patriarchy as a system in which men have all or most of the power and importance in a society or group.”

According to Kate millet:

“She describes a structure manifestation of patriarchy as PATRIARCHAL GOVERNMENT as an institution whereby that of the half of the population which is female and is controlled by that half which is male.”

Merits / Advantages of the patriarchal system:

  • Superior status of men
  • Role of a conservator
  • Determination
  • Headman ship
  • Division of labor
  • Decision making is easy and less time consuming
  • Joint family as a feature of patriarchy

Demerits / Disadvantages of the patriarchal system:

  • Domestic violence
  • Lack of equal opportunity
  • The subjection of will power
  • Gender Inequality
  • Sexual exploitation of women
  • Female foeticide
  • Sex imbalance ratio
  • Child marriage
  • Gender abuse
  • Lack of education opportunities
  • More dowry
  • More rape
  • Lack of social and economic opportunities
  • Child and women trafficking

Origin of the patriarchal system:

  • The major theory of the origin of patriarchy men dominating society points to the social consequences of human reproduction.
  • In early human history, life was short therefore to balance the high death rate and maintain the population, women had to give birth to many children.

Patriarchy as a system is Historical:

  • It developed over a period of 2,500 years from 3,100 BC to 600 BC, at a different place in different societies.
  • Men appropriate themselves of women’s sexual rights even before the formation of private property and class society.
  • The commodification of women is at the foundation of private property.
  • Men learned to institute dominance and hierarchy over people by their practice of earlier dominance of women and the institutionalization of slavery.


At last,  As we can conclude it by saying that A patriarchy is, therefore a hierarchic society characterized by the institutionalization of male dominance. It doesn’t necessarily suggest that women will to be exploited, oppressed and denied any rights. The supportive of the concept proposed that the rule by father and males helps to bind the society together and knit a social society that the concept institutionalized male dominance to such an extent that females even don’t question the non-egalitarian equal alleged superior.

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