Bio-fuel Electricity (जैव ईधन विद्युत)

Bio-fuel Electricity (जैव ईधन विद्युत) हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Bio-fuel Electricity (जैव ईधन विद्युत)

  • Globally produced Biofuels can be used more efficiently if used in power generation, as compared to producing relatively ethanol.
  • An environmentalist scientist “Elliot Campbell” has said that: This is also one of the reasons that mankind should pay attention to electricity generation rates in comparison to getting liquid Biofuels from Biofuels.
  • Because it seems more profitable to convert from Biofuels to electricity.
  • By using electricity generation, emissions from greenhouse gases will be doubled.
  • Most types of biofuels are used to produce electricity by burning like oil, coal, and gas.
  • Thus, using biofuels to generate electricity also emits carbon, just as fossil fuels produce carbon emissions.
  • But still favor biofuels because it is a reproducible resource, while petroleum is not a reproductive resource.
  • At the same time, growing the tree plants reduces the entire carbon cycle
  • Because the trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere by using carbon to make food for plant growth.


  • Biofuel advocates from electricity also believe that often the sources of biofuels are: garbage, human waste, and waste vegetable oil, etc.
  • Although it is not completely environmental degraded in electricity generation, it would be more profitable to produce electricity by biofuels than fossil fuels that are rapidly depleted.
  • Biodiesel and power generation is a new way in which electricity is produced by using generators and turbines.
  • This experiment is becoming more popular in areas where traditional sources of power generation cause a lot of pollution or where it is not easily available.
  • Biofuels are also much cheaper to transport in liquid form.
  • Alaska and Hawaii use one type of crude oil to produce law.
  • Carbon emissions can be stored by using biofuels like switchgrass, wood chips in electricity generation, as this option may not be available to burn ethanol.
  • Plants also reduce carbon emissions by using them to increase their lifespan.
  • C. C. S. Technology (C.C.S technology) – Carbon capture sequestration- Through this, carbon can be reduced by capturing and undergrounding it.
  • Thus the use of biofuels would appear to be more environmental in electricity generation.

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