As an individual that have no knowledge of the crypto currency market, and wish to invest in the global crypto market, you can invest in crypto by simply BH method (buying and hold) but you have to have the insight view of the crypto currencies that are best in values appreciation

In this post we are going to be discussing the best crypto to invest in 2022 base on recent price and market demand in the world

1 BITCOIN-this is popularly known as BTC, the price of the BTC is at it lowest rate due to war in Ukraine and the various sanction vent on Russia by  the united state. However it still enjoy being the first crypto. The price is BTC remains $41,855.22/BTC, a 0.55% increase in the past 24 hours.it is viable investment in 2022,after seeing the price skyrocket in 20200




2 ETHEREUM-this crypto can be use for trade purposes like bitcoin, it is the second most sought after coin in the block chain technology. Ether has seen rise in price in the recent year due to the usage in the crypto world, ether was not developed to be another form of monetary exchange but also to facilitate transaction in the block chain technology. One thing that makes it unique, because users can build apps the runs on the block chain like software on a computer system

The price of ether stood at $2,925.24/ether with  0.46% a decrease in price in the last 24 hours, ether can be seen more speculative investment  because of it unique nature

3 BINANCE COIN (BNB) – this the official coin of binance   exchange, it is use for transaction fee payment in the binance exchange, it is developed from smart chain network the BNB coin  3  years prediction base on market capitalization and usage, the price will rise to  496 in 2022,541 in 2023 and 800 in 2025.as long more country keeps moving away from fiat current to digital currency, that will increase  demand from BNB, the best time to invest is now when the price is still at 396.19/BNB

4-SOLANA– this was created from  high speed layer one block chain, it was created by Anatoly yakovenko in 2017.this coin aim at performing different transaction at a lower cost. it can process 710,0000 transaction per seconds without having any scaling issue. The price stood at $88.04/SOL, decrease  0.62%.the best time invest is now


5 AVALANCHE-this is another etherium competitor, it put transaction speed  scalability consideration, it is use for transaction fee payment through out the block chain, the current price of avax is $86.34/AVAX, it is good to take note  other etherium competitor like CARDANO,,TEZOS,ZCASH,POKADOT,STELLAR are also a good investment in 2022



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