Barriers in the Development of STs

Introduction: Barriers in the Development of STs

Barriers in the Development of STs: Scheduled tribes- In the constitution, unless the context otherwise requires the following expressions the meaning hereby respectively assigned to them, that is to say. The scheduled Tribespeople are generally called “Adivasi”.

  • Scheduled tribes mean such tribes or tribal communities as deemed under article 342 to be scheduled tribes for the purpose of this constitution.
  • They have officially designated groups of people in India and our constitution has 12 schedules.
  • The scheduled caste people are one who previously untouchables.
  • The Indian state has put in place several policies that attempt to address the disadvantages faced by tribal groups.
  • There are many barriers comes in the development or department of scheduled tribes.

Following are the barriers in the development of scheduled caste-

1. Communication barriers-

  • There is a communication gap between normal state people and tribal people.
  • They have their own language.
  • They are also separated.
  • So they cannot even talk to everyone.
  • This communication gap creates a huge barrier for them in their life.

2. Education barriers-

  • They are generally not to get educated because they have their own culture and livelihood.
  • They are living outside the city area or the urban area.
  • So that due to lack of education they are not able to get the benefits of education which creates a connection with other people of different lifestyles.

3. Lack of social service delivery mechanism-

  • Due to a lack of social service delivery mechanisms, they can not get any governmental facilities.
  • The Tribal people think twice before taking anything to anyone. They think that other peoples are very much superior as compared to them.

 4. Lack of political participation-

  • In ancient times, tribal people did not talk to any person other than their community.
  • They are not aware of any kind of facilities for the administrative system of their country.
  • So that they can not get participate in any type of political activity.

5. Lack of their proper identities-

  • Due to their backwardness, the tribal people did not get the proper identities.
  • As they are are not educated so there was no special identity for them.
  • They are just live in a limited community.

6. Unconditional way of life-

  • The conditions of their life is very bad as compared to the other people in the community. 
  • They did not know about any kind of technology.
  • They did not have many facilities as the people of city areas have.

7. Social backwardness-

  • They are socially backward because they never participate in the development of society.
  • Because they did not have any kind of right to give their views.
  • Social backwardness is one of the important barriers in the development of them.

 8. Deprived of government implemented policies-

  • As there is no such facilities of radio, television, telephone, newspapers, etc. By which they will get to know about the new policies implemented for the development of them. 
  • They did not get any kind of information regarding these policies implemented by the government for their beneficiaries.

9. Lack of economic opportunities-

  • There is a lack of economic opportunities because they are unemployed.
  • Illiterate people did not get employed to earn money.

 10. No proper participation in politics-

  • There was no proper participation in the politics of them.
  • Actually, they are socially and politically backward in their life.
  • They did not get any kind of right to participate in politics.

11. Lack of health and sanitation facilities-

  • There is a lack of health and sanitation facilities because of no hospitals facilities.
  • They are not able to go to the city area for their health facility.
  • They did not even have the sanitation facility in their house or home.

 12. Many more social dilemmas (problems)-

  • There are many more social dilemmas in their lifestyle.
  • They are facing very many problems in their life.
  • No one is there to help them for their development.

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