Svalbard is a name of a place in Norway, it is located in the arctic part of the kingdom of Norway but the immigration law in Norway does not apply in Svalbard.

A governor is appointed by the Norwegian government to oversee the affair of Svalbard and anyone who wants to move to Svalbard must first apply by picking up a form at the governor office of reach him through email or phone if the person is not in Schengen area. However a foreigner or Norwegian most meet the following requirement

Schengen visa –Foreigners do not need a visa or residence permits from the Norwegian authorities to travel to Svalbard. However foreign citizens must have a Schengen visa when travelling to and from Svalbard via mainland Norway. It’s important to ensure that you get a double-entry visa so you can return to the Schengen Area (mainland Norway) after your stay in Svalbard.

Requirements for staying IN Svalbard
Although you do not need a visa and residence permit, everyone must meet certain requirements in order to stay in Svalbard. The number one requirement among others is that you must have the means to be able to reside in Svalbard, that is, one must have a job and where to stay in Svalbard before permission is granted by the governor. These requirements apply to both foreigners and Norwegian citizens, and The Governor rejects persons who do not meet the requirements. Therefore, those planning to come to the svalbard are advised to obtain work and housing before they arrive.

The governor of the city does not arrange or have an overview of jobs available in Svalbard but  immigrant who sole wish to work and leave in Svalbard must first search for jobs available in the city and get hired, before contacting the governor for permission to move to Svalbard, however one can also get through education route

The housing sector in Svalbard is different from that in mainland Norway in terms of price Most of the houses is owned by the various employers who offer them to employees as part of their employment. In other words, it’s hard to get accommodation if you do not have a job (the various ways to get a job in Svalbard). The Norwegian state owns all land in Svalbard and that’s makes it not possible to acquire a plot of land for building your own house. However some individual got a rented land and build a house for rents and that make rents very high in Svalbard


A foreigner needs Schengen visa to travel to Norway for tourist, but do not need a visa to travel or stay in Svalbard. a foreigner can stay as long as he or she want wants in Svalbard as long as the governor give permission in to Svalbard at first place. However a foreigner can contact the governor of Svalbard through: [email protected] phone-+4779024300





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